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pure air electric scooter

pure air electric scooter

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Pre inserted puncture prevention fluid included with this product for added reliability.

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Featuring built-in, everyday water resistance (IP65 rated, and covered by Pure’s 1 year warranty) and a high 120kg / 19st maximum load limit, the Pure Air breaks new ground for e-scooters at a truly competitive price.

Striking an unrivalled balance between outstanding design and everyday usability in a great value package, the Pure Air is the standard bearer for practical e-scooting.

The Pure Air is ready for typical British and European weather conditions at an incredibly competitive price. An IP65 rating means that the Pure Air can be ridden in the rain and through puddles without worrying about water ingress and component failure. The supplied Pure Air manufacturer warranty covers against water ingress too.

10-inch wheels and air-filled tyres, combined with a 350W rear wheel motor, provide a comfortable ride while boosting control. The Pure Air comes fitted with larger 10-inch wheels to make your riding experience as easy, safe and controllable as possible. Pre-installed puncture prevention fluid is fitted as standard, reducing the risk of a ride-stopping puncture.

Constructed to safely carry a large 120kg / 19st maximum load (including rider and luggage), the Pure Air brings premium sturdiness and build quality to a new price point without compromise. A strong chassis and a large, grippy deck provides great strength and underfoot stability.

With visibility vital to rider safety, the Pure Air is fitted with powerful LED lights that help you see where you’re going, while making you visible to those around you. It also surpasses the latest UK safety standards, with side reflectors providing improved 360-degree visibility.

Pure e-scooters have been designed for ease of servicing, making them easier to live with and keep on a daily basis. The Pure Air’s 10-inch wheels and tyres make changing tyres that little bit easier for mechanics, while they are easy to maintain and inflate thanks to the easily accessible tyre valves. Meanwhile, authentic, manufacturer-supplied spare parts are available exclusively through Pure Electric stores across the UK and online.

Download the Pure Electric app now

The Pure Air electric scooter is compatible with the Pure Electric companion app, offering a more involved ride experience, with the ability to see more diverse ride metrics and access to in-app setup and servicing instructions. The app is available to download now for Apple and Andriod smartphones.

Top Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h

Optimum range: 18.5 miles / 30 km

Motor Power: 350 W

Speed Modes: 3

Charge Time: 5.5 hours

Battery: 36 V

Climbing Angle: 

Water Resistance: IP65-rated, built for British conditions. Made to withstand rain and

puddle splashes without risk of damage.

Front Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Rear Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Front Wheel Size: 10 inches / 25.5 cm

Rear Wheel Size: 10 inches / 25.5 cm

Tyre Pressure: 36 PSI, regularly check the tyre pressure for optimal performance.

Pre Inserted Puncture Prevention Fluid: Yes

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