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Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Scooter | 1000W Motor / 10 AH Bat

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Scooter | 1000W Motor / 10 AH Bat

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Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Scooter

The Mercane Wide Wheel has been designed for incredible power, speed, and riding comfort. This high-powered and foldable electric scooter comes fitted with a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery, allowing for strong acceleration, top speeds of 40km/h and 40 – 50 km + on a single charge. 


Range: 40-50Kms

Top Speed: 40Kms/hr

Weight: 25kg

Charge Time: 6-8 Hrs


Fitted with two powerful 500W motors make this one of the best performing electric scooters for hills. To complement the performance and architectural design, the standout feature crowning this beast of an E-scooter's name is the widewheels, whilst not commonly found in other generic scooters it is a welcomed one at that.


Designed in Korea, the WideWheel electric scooter main frame is forged with cutting edge alloy die casting methods to improve the overall quality, strength, and aesthetic.


Key Features: Motor: Front and Rear, Power: 2 x 48V 500W, Battery: 10Ah, Distance: 40Km, Suspension: Dual, Brakes: Dual, Climbing: <40%, Display: LCD Screen, Max Load: 100Kg..

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