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meepo electric skateboard original MINI 2

meepo electric skateboard original MINI 2

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Battery Size

Meepo Mini 2 Shortboard

The Meepo Mini 2 is Meepo's best electric shortboard. It is a beast with motors to match, enabling you to reach an astonishing speed of 46 kph! It has the same powerful motors as the V3 and NLS Pro. You can choose between the Standard and Extended Range (ER) battery. The fist option has a range of 18 km, can reach 40 kph and climb hills with an incline of 25%. This is plenty for a daily commuter. But if you are a heavy rider (330 lbs - 265 lbs) or live in hilly areas you should consider the ER battery. It has a range of 32 km, can reach 46 kph and it can climb hills with a 30% incline.


Meepo Skateboard Specs

Meepo Mini 2
Top speed 46kph
Range  18km Standard/ 32km Extended
Charge time 2 Hours
Deck 8 layers of true Canadian maple
Weight 7.27 kg (Standard) / 8.18 kg (ER)
Rider weight limit 150kg
Trucks Meepo Shredder
Hill climb Standard 25% / ER 30% Grade
Motors 2 x 540 Watts Hub
Ride modes 4 Speed Modes
ESC & Remote Meepo ESC V6.5 + M4S Remote
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