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Fender Bomber 400w Electric Scooter Black

Fender Bomber 400w Electric Scooter Black

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The Bomber is your all in one scooter! Are you needing a ride that stores in small places but gives you the power, range, and feel of a solid framed bike? The Bomber can easily fit in a hatchback car, on an airplane, your boat, or even your closet. Fold it down while traveling on a weekend getaway and quickly assemble it when you arrive to cruise around and check out the sites!



The Bomber is a feature rich sit down scooter that not only looks awesome but cruises the town with ease. With a rear shock absorber, 48V 12.5ah battery, and plenty of power with it's 400w motor. You're able to take this scooter anywhere with it's 19-25 mile range to check out new places with it's folding ability.

  • No Hassle Tires: 10" Vacuum Tires
  • Ride Your Way: Cruise at 18mph Max Speed
  • Motor Size: Strong 400w motor with 700w peak
  • Quick Charge: 3-6hr to charge your battery


    • Charge Time: 3-6hrs
    • Tires: 10″ Tires
    • Weighs: 66lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
    • Braking: Disk Brake


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