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bird air electric scooter

bird air electric scooter

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Bird Air is the latest e-scooter to come from the Californian brand. Hot on the heels of the trailblazing Bird One, it blends typical Bird quality and great value for money, and has been built especially for private owners.

The Bird Air brings portable weight to the table, tipping the scales at just 13.6kg, making it perfect for carrying short distances and up stairs with its easy-to-use folding frame. The highly-refined IP35 rated water resistant alloy frame construction – with smooth lines and a refined finish – bring a true build quality.

The 250W rear wheel motor aids traction and brings usable power in an urban environment, while it can deliver up to 26km (16mi) range on a single charge and 25.5km/h (16mph) top speed. Bird Air owners also benefit from Bird’s Bluetooth connected app, which includes added security features like smartphone activation.

Our Bird e-scooters come with a limited 2-year UK warranty: 2 years coverage on the e-scooter body, 6 months on the electronics and 30 days on wear and tear components.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the Air easily pairs to the Bird app, and can receive regular over-the-air firmware updates that continually improve the e-scooter’s performance and economy. The app also adds extra features, such as the ability to switch on and off the e-scooter direct from your smartphone’s screen.

With the Bird One as a big brother, the Bird Air continues the family line with refined, premium looks and a tough, hardwearing design. With product reliability a trait of Bird e-scooters, the Air features a hard-wearing and reliable all-aluminium frame, with a new-for-the-Air strong folding mechanism, and passes the highest international safety and manufacturing standards.

Built with a 250W rear wheel motor, the Bird Air delivers smooth, controllable performance with great traction. Its 26km range is ideal for multiple short journeys between charges, and the fast four hour charge time means you can get up and go again – even if rain is in the air thanks to its water resistant IP35 rating.

Top Speed: 16 mph / 25.5 km/h

Optimum range: 16 miles / 25.7 km

Motor Power: 250 W

Speed Modes: 3

Cruise Control Setting: No

Charge Time: 3 - 4 hours

Battery: 36 V

Climbing Angle: 15%

Water Resistance: IP35-rated, can use in light rain and drive through puddles but not immerse in water or expose to heavy rain.

Front Wheel Type: Solid Semi-Pneumatic

Rear Wheel Type: Solid Semi-Pneumatic

Front Wheel Size: 8 inches / 20.3 cm

Rear Wheel Size: 8 inches / 20.3 cm

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