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8TEV B12 roam electric scooter

8TEV B12 roam electric scooter

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The Roam is the most powerful B12, with a large 624Wh Panasonic battery for up to 42km range, while it can achieve a 35km/h top speed. Braking comes from two dual-piston Tektro hydraulic brakes, while large 12-inch magnesium alloy wheels with air-filled tyres produce outstanding ride quality.

8TEV's mission when developing the B12 was to create a platform for safe, fun urban mobility, inspiring people to ride with confidence and control. 

In order to take the humble e-scooter to the next level, 8TEV went back to basics, starting with a clean design of a strong chromoly frame, stylish single blade fork, blended with proven automotive knowledge. This creates the basis for the B12 range’s outstanding performance.

The B12 Roam features ​Tektro hydraulic dual piston brakes for safe, reliable, performance-oriented braking with great modulation.

By using hydraulic brakes, the B12 is capable of producing higher braking forces, while delivering outstanding control. They are the perfect match to the powerful 250W motor and its 25km/h top speed, while the B12’s 12-inch magnesium wheels and air-filled tyres provide the grip needed for effective and safe handling.

Thanks to its high capacity 624Wh battery, the B12 Roam is capable of delivering up to 42km range despite the 350W power of the motor. This means that you can use the Roam for multiple small rides, or for a longer single outing without worrying about running out of juice.

The 8TEV B12 Roam, like the Proxi and Classic, feature comfortable ergonomics that make it one of the easiest to handle on the market today.

With shaped, rubberised hand grips on a raised curvature alloy handlebar, easy-to-reach brake levers and a deck that is tapered at both ends and fitted with grip tape to keep your feet firmly in the right place for optimal balance, you’ll always feel in control of a B12.

Top Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h

Optimum range: 26 miles / 42 km

Motor Power: 250 W

Speed Modes: 3

Cruise Control Setting: No

Charge Time: 6 hours

Battery: 48 V

Water Resistance: IPX6-rated, can be ridden in light rain. Battery management system is waterproof

Front Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Rear Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Front Wheel Size: 12 inches / 30.5 cm

Rear Wheel Size: 12 inches / 30.5 cm

Tyre Pressure: 40 PSI, regularly check the tyre pressure for optimal performance.

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