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8TEV B10 Bio Electric Scooter

8TEV B10 Bio Electric Scooter

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When designing the B10, our goal was to create a platform for safe, entertaining urban mobility that would inspire individuals to ride the urban jungle with comfort and control. We believe we have met our objective.

To elevate the modest scooter, we went back to basics, beginning with a timeless clean design that, when combined with our renowned automotive knowledge, formed the foundation for the B10's remarkable performance.

Featuring intuitive, stable steering geometry, a robust but durable frame, and integrating cutting-edge battery and drive train technologies to ensure a new level of durability and the ultimate experience every time. Look no farther if you're seeking for the next generation of scooter technology.

B10 Roam - 42km Range

B10 Proxi - 22km Range


The B10 has a powerful motor and a large range. 


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